You are on this page for one of two reasons....

1) You want to know who is playing, or 2) you are interested in being a part of the line up at Nehemiah Fest VIII.

In either event, here's how it works:

Submissions from Christian artists of ALL genres will be accepted between April 15 and May 31. All submissions must be filed through our ONLINE APPLICATION.


Submissions close May 31. Then we begin reviewing, praying and programming. If you are selected a tentative offer with the date, time, and stage placement for your will be sent to your email address for consideration with a specific "confirm by date".

If you accept the tentative offer we will follow up with a formal written offer to lock your time slot and stage placement in the line up.




Sorry, but you missed the deadline to submit. But it may not be too late. We always have people cancel out. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list then send an email with the following information to
1. Complete contact information - name, phone, address, and email
2. Name and Biography of the band or artist
3. *.mp3 audio file of your music (mp3 format only)
4. Website URL
5. Promo photo of the band (*.jpg format)



"What are you looking for from the artists?"

Good question! We are looking for ministry minded Christian artists, that present themselves in a manner that brings glory to God. We are not looking for "rock stars", but we are looking for servant hearts, those that strive for excellence in delivering their craft while representing the King of kings. Nehemiah Fest is a free admission, family oriented, multi-generational event. So we are looking for all types of Christian music. We will book nearly 50 bands this year - there are many moving parts! So we hope that everyone will be understanding, shows some grace, and be praying for the event. Over the last few years we average about 75-80 submissions for consideration for 50 slots - which means:

1) Not everyone will be selected

2) Not everyone can play on the main stage - so don't ask!

So, as the offers come back and confirmations are made you will be able to see the schedule grow.

Nehemiah Fest VIII - "first draft" schedule is done! Tentative offers will be going out this week. Those not selected will be put on the waiting list and will be the first call to fill any holes that occur. If you were selected you will either be receiving an offer with a stage assignment and time, or notification of your waiting list status.

If we have holes to, then we will figure out if we need to move a band already in the line up or just fill it with a waiting list submission. Those that submitted prior to the deadline will have preferred status over those that emailed an entry after the deadline. If those on the preferred status list can't fill the hole, then we will go to the late submissions.

On July 26, 2014 there will be 12 of the Nehemiah Fest bands that will be performing at Smithville Christian Family Day, the Nehemiah Fest Pep Rally!

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