Daniel Trublu Gray and Band

Daniel Trublu Gray and Band

 Raytown, MO


  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 9:00AM

Two time Award Winner as KCCM Christian Blues Artist, Daniel Trublu Gray is a man that loves the heart of God. The Presence of God is captured & released in his sermons & Christian Blues music.
Daniel is an amazing guitarist and vocalist. He has been singing and playing in the ministry for 30+ years. His music is rooted in the blues and expands to include classic and progressive rock styles but always with a Scriptural message reaching out to God's people in the church as well as the unchurched and always remembering God's love for Israel.
Daniel has had successful ministry with biker ministry, prison ministry, Care Pastor as well as ministering to churches all over the nation. His lyrics are deep and always contain powerful messages. Daniel has a very high standard when it comes to His music and everything is done with excellence from his lyrics to his guitar solos to his preaching. Daniel has made an impact on lives all over North America. Thousands have been drastically changed by his ministry.
If you haven't had a chance to hear Daniel Trublu Gray in person, you should find a way. Your life could be changed forever!!

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