Rich in Faith R.I.F.

Rich in Faith R.I.F.

 Platte city, Mo



  Ezra Stage on Friday at 5:00PM

We we're named Predestined or Rebekah Vigil and The Band Predestined for 8 years and now we are R.I.F. Scripture reference James 2:5. We like playing Nehemiah because God has placed giftings inside each of us and this event gives many believers opportunity to use their giftings to reach people. I've heard and seen of many miracles at this event. Connecting believers and connecting the lost to the love of Christ at a free event is something we support!! We are a revival worship team and Have some rock and mixed music sings for festivals and other events all filled with Gods truth and we pray God flows His power through us for signs and wonders, prophetic, salvations, miracles, healings, deliverance and all that God does!!!!

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