Worship Calling

Worship Calling

  Ezra Stage on Friday at 10:30PM

Worship Calling is a collaborative effort, among numerous Praise and Worship leaders, singers, songwriters and musicians. After a chance meeting between Nathan Conner and Steve Potter, they both recognized God had wider plans for their talents and abilities. Part of the purpose of God uniting them was to further develop their skills and abilities as Worship leaders and musicians (iron sharpening iron). The second purpose is the call God has put within both of them, to marshal a community call to worship. Thus, "Worship Calling" was born. Worship Calling is just that, a call to God's people to return to Him, a call to true worshipers to worship the creator of all things. Worship Calling is an experience of seeing God's hand in action, an acknowledgement of the one true God and the interaction He has with His creation.

God continues to plant His music into the members of Worship Calling. Together they are working alongside one another to write, record and release this music to the entire body of Messiah. We know that God dwells in the presence of His praises, and we seek to praise Him in all that we do.

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