Joe Guerra

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 4:00PM

What began as a childhood dream in the cornfields of Illinois grew into something much more for singer-songwriter Joe Guerra. Fueled with a desire to use music to share truth and inspire others to be all that God created them to be; he's been singing his original melodies and motivating songs with audiences around the country. Inspired by God's faithfulness and Infused with an excitement and joy that can only be found in trusting our Creator through life's challenges; Joe Guerra's music is sure to stir up something in your soul, and have the whole family clapping along too!

All Together United

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 9:00PM

All Together United is a contemporary Christian rock/pop band. They combine elements of pop, rock, classic rock and worship to create a sound that competes with mainstream trends, but also allows them to be unique, with modern musical elements and a multiple harmonic classic rock vocals vibe.

All Together United is currently in process to becoming partners with the Wounded Warriors Project, and American Foundation Suicide Prevention advocating for all those in need.


  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 1:00PM

vronske's music has that vibe with a pop that is typical of most contemporary christian music, blended with his own twist of originality. People can relate to the words in his songs that feature upbeat music with topics that are relevant today. When asked why he changed his style he said "God has really been moving me in this direction for a while and I just wanted to be obedient!" He released his debut solo album in 2020 and has done several features and shows since then. He currently working on new material, so be on the lookout.


  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 11:00AM

NEXTERA is a dynamic music duo from Kansas City, Missouri. With a wide range of influences that span from pop to hard rock, they are committed to creating a truly unique sound that speaks to the next generation. Their music is designed to inspire and encourage young people to believe in themselves. In addition to their passion for music, NEXTERA is also deeply committed to sharing their faith in Jesus Christ with young people all around the world through their music and lyrics.

Jeannie Furst and Friends

  Ezra Stage on Friday at 5:00PM

Jeannie Furst has been creating music for the Lord for quite a while now. Playing solely, in the worship band at church or playing with wonderful, loving brothers and sisters of the Lord, it is an honor to serve our Lord of lords and King of kings. The whole goal to to encourage people in their walk with God and come to know His saving grace. Jesus is our hope.

Amity Avenue

  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 9:00AM

Hailing from all over the Greater Kansas City are, Amity Avenue is a pop/rock worship band comprised of five singer/songwriters who love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to share His message of grace and forgiveness through music, and have a great time doing it! Playing original songs that will capture your heart and turn your attention to Christ is our goal.

Vanessa Kersting

  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 1:00PM

Vanessa Kersting is a singer-songwriter who has recently moved from the land down under to the United States of America.

Vanessa’s music can be heard on radio stations near and far across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK. Her latest single Hold the Stars had Vanessa working with producer Ash Gale [The Sundance Kids] and master extraodinaire Brad Blackwood of Memphis [Third Day, Relient K].

Josh Snyder Music (JSM)

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 2:00PM

JSM is a newer modern Pop/CCM group, with a core duo (Josh & Isaac), now based out of Atlanta, GA and have been traveling and touring the US for the last few years, opening for artists like Jason Grey and Tenth Ave North, and headlining many of their own events. JSM has a passion to see the Gospel, clear core Christian doctrines, and wholesome topics (ie marriage, family, and the struggle against the flesh) integrated into their modern styles of music.


  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 12:30PM

Dave Kerwood, or simply, "Kerwood," is a singer-songwriter from Kansas whose message is one of hope in Christ. With a passion for the hopeless (specifically youth and people struggling with self-harm), he sings songs about living for tomorrow, even when today seems dark. The music reflects Kerwood's quirky personality, with elements of punk, pop, funk, reggae, and folk permeating throughout. With high energy and constant audience interaction, everyone in the venue gets to feel like part of the experience.


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