Solid Ground Band

 Liberty, MO

  Spirit Stage on Friday at 5:00PM

Solid Ground Band is based out of KC and consists of 4 members all of whom had played in secular bands in the past. We came together 4 years ago with a common interest to write christian based music with a rock sound. We pray that God will open doors for a music genre not currently heard on christian radio that will help further the Kingdom of God.


 Prineton , Missouri



  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 10:30AM

It's my hearts desire to see as many reach with The Gospel as possible. In particular the next few generations coming up- not withstanding my own generation. I feel like the nature of my testimony and the way Christ has chosen to use that to the advancement of His Kingdom is crucial in the present landscape of the world. Music has very graciously been the way Christ has allowed me to convey His message of Salvation in my life.

Whosoever Will

 Independence, Mo



  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 10:00AM

We want to encourage people in the love of Jesus! We are four guys who are followers of Jesus first, husbands and fathers second and musicians last. Our songs revolve around the central theme of Gods overwhelming, unrelenting love for us!

Danger Scene

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 2:00PM

Danger Scene was born with a common goal. Make the music that they would listen to and impact people with relevent, positive lyrics. “Music is what we love. It has impacted us in a major way. This is the way God has given us to love on others and be the example we want others to see…” Matthew quotes without hesitation.

These brothers are not new faces to the music world though. Already their single "I Wanna To Be Famous" has charted at #2 on Billboard Christian Rock for 26 weeks and their song "Drive" charted at #15 for 10 weeks.


 Fayetteville, Arkansas





  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 11:00AM

Delivering a highly charged rock motif, Theody has toured the country multiple times in just a short span of 4 years. They have shared the stage with Decyfer Down, Children 18:3, Project 86, Rival Choir, Nothing Left and many more. But their true hope is to share more than just a stage—. Theody offers a unique approach, backed by the power of their faith and testimony that inspires any who hear them. Theody has just released a five song EP "Prelude" that bringsmore heartfelt melodies and intense energy that they has become known for.


 Grain Valley, MO




  Solomon's Temple Stage on Friday at 6:45PM

Contemporary Christian rock band Grandeur creates abundant and powerful melodies and authentic lyrics that speak God’s truth and offer reassurance of the depth of God’s love for all people. Rooted in Blue Springs, Missouri, songwriter and guitarist Jim Grohman, lead singer Chad Toney, bassist Robbie Cairns and drummer/percussionist Casey George combine their diverse life experiences and rich artistic backgrounds to spread the Gospel through vibrant music that speaks God’s truth and resonates with the Bible’s inspiring, hopeful messages.

Jimmie Bratcher

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Friday at 7:45PM

They call Jimmie Bratcher “the Electric Rev.”

Not only because his lightning-strike performances crackle with high-voltage guitar playing and emotionally charged vocals. Or because Bratcher makes the hairs rise on the arms of the crowds he entertains in the map of clubs, festivals, bike rallies, churches and prisons that he calls “the road.”

But because the ascending blues star is literally a preacher, as comfortable testifying in the pulpit about the power of Jesus as he is in smoky bars celebrating the vigor of the blues.

Bearing Armor

  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 1:00PM

Our mission is to share the love of Jesus with everyone, to encourage and rejoice with those who know Him personally, to offer hope to those who feel there is no hope and restoration to those who have strayed from the loving arms of a forgiving God.
We have opened for Kerrie Roberts twice, last year we opened for the Seventh Day Slumber tour, and Voices of Rock, featuring John Schlitt, John Elefante and the Dry Bones Band.


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