Jeff Arrandale Band

  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 1:00PM

Jeff has been pointing people to Christ through music since 1998 as worship leader and in and through various Christian bands. He is a a singer/songwriter based in Central Iowa with numerous studio recordings of original songs, the last three of which were produced in Nashville. Seven of his songs have charted with two reaching number one on various national Christian charts!

Brendan Brooks

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Friday at 7:45PM

The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus. I also don't like to write bios that sound like I copied it right from Wikipedia. I was born and raised in a very rural area in southwest Wisconsin. Go Packers! I started playing guitar at age 15 and began leading worship for a youth group at 16. That was many years ago. In 2007 I helped start a band called Finding Fortress. After varied success and drama through an opportunity to move to Nashville we fell apart in 2011. Through it all I now see God was saying now is not the time or place.

Mark & Christy

  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 11:30AM

Mark Miller and Christy Hoagland have been leading worship together in various settings since 2014. From church services, prison concerts, mission trips to Mardi Gras, youth church camps and more they desire to lead people to worship Jesus.

Mark is the Worship Pastor for The Seed Church in Wichita, KS. Christy leads worship every first Sunday at New Life Church in Sedalia, MO, on Saturday nights at Cross Connect in Sedalia, MO, every first Thursday at Celebrate Recovery at Living Water Church in Warsaw, MO and various other events.

Morgan Allen

  Ezra Stage on Saturday at 10:30PM

Morgan Allen is lead by singer/songwriter Heather Allen, but combines the songwriting talents of her and her father Nolan Morgan. Nolan has been leading worship for over 40 years in the North County of San Diego, California. Heather has played with him since her teenage years and has been serving in worship and writing songs for the past 20 years. Heather has been living in Ashland,MO for the past 7 years, serving in Worship at Ashland Baptist Church and First Assembly of Jefferson City.

Faith Unseen

 Smithville, MO



  Ezra Stage on Friday at 5:00PM

Knowing that our faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, Faith Unseen strives to bring Christ to those who will listen and provide an opportunity to worship. The current version of Faith Unseen consists of 5 who have played together in multiple variation for more than 15 years and whose common passion is to provide a means to introduce Christ and his salvation to others through music. The current lineup focuses on Worship music from the likes of Pat Barrett, Casting Crowns, Need to Breathe, Chris Tomlin and Zach Williams.

Abby Malloy

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 8:00PM

Abby is a singer and songwriter who studied voice for a semester at Berklee College of Music, then continued her college education at the University of Missouri. She is a part of the Maverick City choir, and has recorded and performed with multiple well-known Christian music artists and groups, including Maverick City, Crowder, Brandon Lake, Mandisa, We The Kingdom, Leeland, Dante Bowe, and Sinach. She just released her newest album "Light in the Darkness" and was added to the exclusive TRIBL music app. She currently teaches voice at a lesson school in Mr.

The C2 Incident

 Sibley, Missouri




  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 10:00AM

The C2 Incident is a Family Music Ministry based out of Kansas City, MO consisting of David and his three children, Jordan, Miles and Luke. Having an appreciation in a variety of genres they are a melting pot of styles for children and adults with influences including classical with an electric edge, folk, country and pop. Their catchy application of rhythms, melodic themes, and storytelling is applied to a variety of presentation styles.

Carrie Bates

 Kearney, MO


  Coffee House Stage on Friday at 6:00PM

Carrie and her husband Ron have a music ministry and are members of Kearney First Baptist Church. They have been a part of Nehemiah Fest for several years. Their hope is to introduce Jesus to others thru their music.


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