Read the book of Nehemiah. You will see how God used Nehemiah and the PEOPLE to do great things in a short amount of time. Nehemiah rallied God’s people to unite, work together and provide the resources to rebuild Jerusalem in just 52 days!

This is what the Nehemiah Festival is really all about. It’s not about the music, it’s not about the atmosphere, and it isn’t about how many people show up. It is about God getting the credit and the glory when His people put aside their differences and come together to accomplish a nearly insurmountable task.

Admission to this event is FREE to the public. However, there are expenses that are incurred in producing this event. We are not a promotion company; we are merely local folks that “live along the wall” that want to proclaim that God reigns supreme. We rely solely on the tax-deductible donations and sponsorships from individuals, businesses and churches. 

We have opportunities for ministries and businesses to sponsor the various stages and the "gates" of the city.  Donations of any size are welcome!

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