Vendor and Booth Submission


  1. There is to be no alcohol sold on the premises of the event at any time before, during or after the publicized festival times on September 15-17, 2023.
  2. There is to be no “adult” paraphernalia sold or allowed on the site at any time. This is a family- oriented event, and all merchandise must be suitable for every age.
  3. There are to be no vehicles parked in designated areas during the event – except as may be temporarily approved by the festival committee.
  4. Assignment of space during the event is nontransferable. Only the registered participant may use the booth space for only the purposes that have already been approved prior to the event.
  5. Many booths may not have adequate shade. Exhibitors are encouraged to use a freestanding 10 x 10 canopy over their registered booth space. Anchoring the tent or canopy may be necessary using sandbags and or stakes when appropriate and will be the sole responsibility of the registered booth participant.
  6. If rain occurs, no vehicles will be allowed designated areas without permission by the appropriate festival personnel.
  7. Pets must be properly restrained while at the event site.
  8. Exhibitors may not utilize music, loudspeaker systems, or megaphone devices. No trailers, cars, wagons, or carts will be left in the area after unloading. Exceptions may apply with official approval prior to the event.
  9. All exceptions to the above reference terms and conditions will need to be officially approved by the appropriate festival committee members.