Allie Crummy

Allie Crummy

  Coffee House Stage on Saturday at 5:30PM

Allie Crummy is a singer/songwriter based in Des Moines, Iowa. She has a passion for expressing her faith through music, and has served in her local community, regularly leading worship for over 15 years. In her songwriting, she is contemplative - a deep thinker who is well versed in and routinely inspired by Scripture. She does not write superficial or surface-level lyrics; rather her songs reflect the tension between what she believes to be true about God, contrasted with what she sees happening in the world around her, and hopefully will leave the listener with a thought or question to ponder.

Allie studied Music Education at Drake University, where she received a classical, conservatory-like education in vocal music. It was there that she stretched herself more as a vocalist, and learned to appreciate the wide variety of singing styles. Her own singing style is mostly a mixture of pop and soul, and is always brimming with emotion. Allie plays the piano and guitar, and is always working to add more instruments to that list (mandolin and banjo are in the works!). You can hear her musical influences come out in her writing - from blues to bluegrass to classical - but in all of her music, she loves to include honest lyrics that point to greater truths about God and finding hope in Him, baked into melodies that are fun to sing.

Allie has released two projects to date, and she is currently working on her third album. Her first album, 'I Have Peace', was released in April of 2020. Her second project, an EP by the name of 'Every Story Has an Author', came out in November of 2020. She is currently releasing singles from her upcoming album, 'Honesty', slated to be completed in November 2021. Since she introduced herself as an artist into pandemic times, she is anxious and ready to bring these songs to life in real-life venues.

You can always count on new content coming from Allie, because she is a songwriter through and through. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify to stay up to speed on what she is up to, as well as new songs she is writing and recording