Faith Unseen

Faith Unseen

 Smithville, MO



  Spirit Stage on Saturday at 10:00AM

Knowing that our faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, Faith Unseen strives to bring Christ to those who will listen and provide an opportunity to worship. The current version of Faith Unseen consists of 6 who have played together in multiple variation for more than 16 years and whose common passion is to provide a means to introduce Christ and his salvation to others through music. The current lineup focuses on Worship music from the likes of Pat Barrett, Casting Crowns, Need to Breathe, Chris Tomlin and Zach Williams. Faith Unseen can provide a ballad that tugs at your heart while also offering a rocking good vibe from contemporary artists. The Band emphasizes and features strong lead vocals from John Enderle & Carmen Bennett. Backup vocals are provided by John Wyatt-Bass, Ken Tongue-Acoustic Guitar and Craig Mattke-Guitars. The entire unit is driven by Aaron Graham-Percussion.
The desire of Faith Unseen is to let everyone know that while they may not be able to see evidence for themselves, there is a God and he loves them truly and deeply. The opportunity to share this message with music is a joyful bonus we love to share.

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