9th Hour

9th Hour

  Solomon's Temple Stage on Saturday at 7:00PM

“A message of Hope wrapped in an Acoustic Rock package” characterizes the sound and purpose of 9thHour. This Kansas City area based Adult Contemporary Christian Rock/Worship group has been performing at community events, concert venues, coffee houses, churches and festivals throughout the Midwest since 2004.

With dynamic vocals and a solid guitar driven sound, 9thHour delivers a positive and faith-based message through thought provoking lyrics and inspired songwriting. Positive “entertainment” is just one attribute of this multi-dimensional group; 9thHour is equally at home leading worship for multi-generational congregations. Motivated by a blended style of musical influences rooted in Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Blues and Jazz, most mainstream musical tastes will find a strong connection with 9thHour’s sound. “This is not your Granny’s Gospel Band!”

With two full-length recording projects under their belt, 9thHour music has been featured on various radio stations, television broadcasts, and used on the sound track of an independent Christian DVD release called “Uphill Battle”. 9thHour has had the privilege to share the platform with several nationally known Christian artists to include: Lincoln
Brewster, Selah, Wayne Watson, FFH, John Schlitt (Petra), John Elefante (Kansas), Jared Anderson, Jeremy Riddle, Decypher Down, Bread of Stone, Cloverton and

Over the years, 9th Hour has evolved through the life changes and circumstances that have moved members in different directions. Whether it be a job relocation, education opportunity, “true love” and starting a family or health reasons one thing has remained constant and that is the mission of 9th Hour:

1) To reach the lost with the musical
message of hope found in Jesus Christ; 2) To encourage believers to be bold in sharing their faith; and 3) To sing to the Lord a new song, play skillfully and shout for Joy
(Psalm 33:3)

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