Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen

  Coffee House Stage on Friday at 5:30PM

Name: Eric Cohen
Phone: 816-663-4646
Instagram: eric_cohen_music
Twitter: ericlc25
YouTube: Ericlc25
Facebook: eric.cohen.581
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TikTok: @ericcohenmusic
LinkedIn: Eric Cohen
Artist Details:
Name: Eric Cohen
Genre: Christian Hip Hop

Eric Cohen, a Missouri-based hip-hop artist, has rapidly ascended in the realms of Christian music and alternative hip-hop. His journey has been marked by adversity, stemming from a tumultuous childhood of poverty and addiction. Despite grappling with personal demons, Eric found solace and redemption through his faith in Jesus Christ and his passion for music. Remarkably, Eric found himself blessed with the profound ability to channel his pain and despair into cathartic poetry through music overnight, as if touched by divine inspiration. This transformative gift not only helped him navigate his struggles but also propelled him towards a path of healing and purpose.

Recently, Eric Cohen has forged a partnership with Sony Orchard for distribution, a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. This collaboration amplifies his mission to share impactful and inspiring music with a global audience. With Sony Orchard's unparalleled reach and industry expertise, Eric is poised to spread his message of love, hope, and unity to listeners worldwide, giving glory to Jesus Christ for all his success.

Additionally, Eric is honored to be nominated in four categories at the prestigious Rhythm Of Gospel awards in 2024, the third biggest Christian awards show in America. His goal with music is to give a beacon of hope to the hopeless, to those who are lost in the dark.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Eric is also celebrated for his contributions as a member of Kansas City's Undrafted CHH Group, renowned for their dynamic blend of Christian Hip-hop. This collective provided Eric with a platform to collaborate with like-minded artists and amplify his message of faith, resilience, and empowerment.

Currently signed with New Tribe Records, a distinguished Christian Hip-hop label, Eric continues to make waves in the music industry. His tenure with Higher Power Entertainment, a revered Christian label, further solidified his reputation as a talented and impactful artist. Through his music, Eric Cohen invites audiences to embark on a journey of introspection, healing, and renewal.

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